Make $4.97 Again & Again: The 5 Methods

$4.97 Over & Over & Over again is a course that gives struggling IM’ers several different methods of making $5 a day, that has nothing to do with fiverr. It’s a 5 part video course that will show you 5 methods to get $4-$5 payment over and over again.

Actually we shouldn’t call it’s a course/training, maybe a video tips?

The reason why is because it’s not a thorough module. But that’s fine because most people don’t have time to go for a very detailed training. We need soemthing straighforward nowadays and this course is one of them :o)


Quality: The course is pretty good and straightforward
Usability: Some methods shows require manual work that might not for everybody (writing, reselling, etc)
Funnel: More methods & tools are offered on the OTO. The launch has a great & fair funnel, very rarely to see nowadays
Vendor Trustworthy: High score on this one, Stephen is 1 of just a few big marketers with a good track records that I see so far.

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If Not About Fiverr.. What Are They, Is It Better Than Fiverr?

Obviously I can’t spoil what are the 5 methods are.. but all of them are very doable. Also I can’t say if they are better than doing a Fiverr.

Yes in Fiverr you can get multiple order in 1 day, but bear in mind also that when you get started then you would have no feedback on Fiverr. Thus the chance of getting an order also very small.

Maybe you want to get this course, for just in case.

Maybe one you have to start all over again from scratch.. With no websites, no domains. etc., the 5 methods explained on this course can get you back on track soon 🙂

Click Here To Get This 5-Part Video Course

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