ExtendAzon 2.0: Plugin Gets You On-Site Cart, 90 Days Cookie.. And More!

The version 2.0 of ExtendAzon plugin goes live on Thursday, Sept 29th at 9am EDT.

What’s new on this v2.0? Is it really good? Let’s find out!

Watch Ryan Stevenson (the ExtendAzon creator) talks about the plugin:

>> ExtendAzon 2.0 Goes Live On Thursday, Sept 29th at 9am EDT <<
What Benefits You Get From ExtendAzon 2.0?
  • It extends your affiliate cookie lifespan from 24hours to 90 days to capture lost sales
  • Transform your affiliate website into a professional looking e-commerce store with Automatic On-Site Shopping Cart
  • It gets you more sales volume & commission with the Automated Cart Upsell

As you know the Standard Amazon affiliate links provide 24 hours cookie for the affiliate to land a sale & get credited for the sale.

That means whenever you refer someone to Amazon with your affiliate link, you’ll get commission from purchases he make within 24 hours (if he doesn’t click any other affiliate link)

However, the ExtendAzon system is able to extend cookie lifespan from 24 hours to 90 days!

How Does ExtendAzon Able To Do It?

Image - ExtendAzon BoxAfter you install the plugin, it will convert your Amazon affiliate links into an automatic, on-site shopping cart.

Then when someone click any of your Amazon link on your website, instead of them be redirected to the Amazon page, the plugin will display a shopping cart. So you can KEEP that visitors on your site to try to entice them to buy more than one product before they proceed to check out on Amazon.

There are several shopping cart templates you will get from ExtendAzon.

Here’s what they look like:

Image - ExtendAzon Cart Designs

ExtendAzon Demo Site

Visit the demo site below, and try to click any Amazon links on that site:

Automated Cart Upsells On ExtendAzon 2.0

This is 1 of the coolest feature I’ve seen from an Amazon plugin.

Image - ExtendAzon Upsells

So whenever a visitor adss a product to the shopping cart, ExtendAzon will automatically show them several products that were commonly purchased with it.

With a single click, the visitor can view details about these additional recommended products and add them to their cart!

The end result is higher sales volume and more commissions for you 😉

Quality: The first version was already good, and now the v2.0 makes it a lot better.

Usability: The plugin has quite lots of setting on the options page. Luckily Ryan put a short description on each of the setting options. It makes you able to use the plugin straight away, without even have to take a look at the video guide or documentation that he provides.

Funnel: The launch scores a high point on the funnel, no sales trick of “Pro upgrade” or something like that whatsoever.

Main Offer: Personal License ($9) and Developer License ($27)
OTO 1: Azon Overhaul Training ($27)
OTO 2: Backlink Service For Your ExtendAzon Websites ($27 – $97)

* price might changes after earlybird ends

Vendor Trustworthy: This makes for a really high score too, Ryan Stevenson is a successful Amazon affiliate by himself & a talended WP coder.

So in terms of product quality and benefits you will get as a customer, it’s definitely a winner.

>> ExtendAzon 2.0 Goes Live On Thursday, Sept 29th at 9am EDT <<

When the product goes live, be sure to look out for my email. Get ExtendAzon plugin from my email or any link on this page so you’ll receive all my bonuses listed below:

Exclusive Bonus #1

Image - ExtendAzon Bonus

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Image - ExtendAzon Bonus

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Image - ExtendAzon Bonus

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Image - ExtendAzon Bonus

Hope this helps and enjoy!


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