PreSold Pro Plugin: Never Struggling To Generate Affiliate Commissions Again

I think this is 1 of the best overlooked plugin for affiliate marketer, it’s an amazing plugin that is either smart or sneaky. Watch the review below:

Click here To Download PreSold PRO Plugin

Using PRE-SOLD PRO you can now completely take over any page and leverage it to bank fast commissions for yourself without lifting a finger. The plugin allows you to:

[+] Instantly “hijack” ANY page on the web
[+] Add sticky bars to it where you can put your own affiliate links
[+] Replace all the links (on that page you hijack) with your affiliate link
[+] Redirect visitors automatically to YOUR AFFILIATE LINK after several seconds.. if he (for some odd reason) didn’t take any action

Check out these 2 demo:

The link above is hijacking an actual page reviewing a coffee maker, however all the links on that CNET page is changed! They are now all pointing to my Amazon affiliate link 🙂

This time I’m hijacking an article on Buzzfeed about weight loss. All the link on the articles is pointing to my Clickbank affiliate link promoting a weight loss product.. and if you don't take any action after 7 seconds you will be redirected to my Clickbank link automatically.

This is probably the most sneakiest plugin for affiliate marketer!

Click here To Download PreSold PRO Plugin

And it's easy to use also. Only took me less than 5 minutes to set up the 2 demo links.

Check out the plugin, and I have these 2 bonuses for you when you grab PreSold Pro today:

Image - Bonus

Warrior Forum Master

Inside this 5 part video series you'll learn:

[+] How to build your business using the Warrior Forum
[+] What are "Warrior Special Offers" (WSO's) and how you can use them to catapult your business!
[+] Additional resources & methods for using the Warrior Forum to grow your business, boost your income and make even more money
[+] And much more!

($17 value)

Image - Bonus

WarriorPlus Video Series

Inside this 5 part video course, you will learn:

[+] Introduction to WarriorPlus
[+] How to use WarriorPlus to sell both free and paid products, list WSO's or even self hosted offers
[+] The WarriorPlus listing process broken down so you can see first hand how to list and sell your offers!
[+] Easy step-by-step video walkthrough for setting up your front end offer, affiliate program and sales funnel on WarriorPlus so you can sell & deliver your products.
[+] And many more!

($17 value)

Image - Affilink Neo

AffiLink NEO Plugin

The ultimate redirect link plugin. Use this plugin to mask your affiliate link, complete with 301/302/307 redirection and hits statistic.

AffiLinkNEO is 1 of my favorite plugins 😉

($37 value)


Quality: The plugin is indeed coded very well
Usability: It's really easy to use and David includes detailed training for you
Funnel: Bad score on the funnel because the frontend only gives you 1-site license, if you want to use on unlimited sites then you need to buy the OTO
Vendor Trustworthy: David Dekel currently has no bad reviews for his past products/launches

Click here To Download PreSold PRO Plugin

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