How To Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL From cPanel (WordPress + non WP Sites)

If you want to get SSL certificate and make your website HTTPS for free, well good news! As of May 2016, it is no longer necessary to buy SSL certificates for the added layer of security to your websites.

Simply because Google, WordPress and many other major tech companies have joined together to sponsor completely free SSLs in a project called Let’s Encrypt:

And it gets even better..

Because most web hostings also provide 1-click installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates ? Some of those web hostings are : Hawkhost, StableHost and SiteGround – and many more of course!

Lets Encrypt SSL Installation

To install the SSL, simply login to your cPanel and find the “Lets Encrypt for cPanel” menu:

Image - Lets Encrypt cPanel Step 1

After that click the +Issue button on the domain that you wish to get the SSL:

Image - Lets Encrypt SSL cPanel Step 2

And done!

Free SSL For WordPress Site Owners

If your website is WordPress based, then there are some additional steps required to make your WP website starts using the SSL encryption ?

First, go to your WP Admin Dashboard -> General Settings.

Change the “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” from “http:” to “https:”, after that click Save Changes.

Image - Lets Encrypt For WordPress

After you click Save Changes, you will be logged out and redirected to the WP login page automatically – with the HTTPS version!

Finally, go to Plugins -> Add New, search for “Really Simple SSL” then install and activate the plugin (

The plugin will create 301 redirects from your non-SSL URLs to the SSL versions + the www SSL version.

And that’s it! Your WordPress site is now secured with SSL encryption 😀

NOTE: While an SSL certificate will NOT stop bot attacks against WordPress login pages or malware embedded within rogue WP plugins, it DOES secure the interception of data between your (visitors’) computer and other websites e.g. online banking or shopping online with a credit card – if you are running an ecommerce store online, SSL is pretty much ESSENTIAL.

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