WP Social Traffic: Powerful Traffic Plugin, Not To Be Overused

Ankur Shukla & Dan Green are launching WP Social Traffic plugin on Wed, Oct 5th at 10am EDT.

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Lately I’ve been trying to reach more people on Facebook using paid advertising. And it really costly (sigh!), just last month I have to pay $700+ on Facebook Ads..

.. Sooo when Ankur and Dan Green unveiled this WP Social Traffic plugin to me this past weekend, I was really excited! I’m hoping it can cut my advertising cost 😉

The Quick Take..

Image - WP SocialTraffic ScoreWP Social Traffic proves that getting lots of visitors is not as hard as most people think. With the plugin, it will be lots of easier for you to have multiple high-traffic websites. The salespage emphasis words like “autopilot”, “set & forget”, and etc very much. For each campaign you need to think of a good headline, description & image for the Facebook post.. and well, it takes time.


  • Real traffic from Facebook
  • Plugin works on autopilot after the initial set up
  • Custom Spintax for your posts and comments to make it looks more natural


  • Need to promote post on lots of FB page for decent result
  • PRO Version is on the OTO

Main Offer: WP Social Traffic (Unlimited License – $27)
OTO #1: Pro Version ($$37)
OTO #2: Instant Traffic Funnel ($47)

What Can You Get With WP Social Traffic?

Well, as the name says: it gets you social traffic. Free Facebook traffic to be exact.

The plugin connects with niche communities and fanpages on facebook, then shares your content with them automatically & engages with them to drive them back to your site 🙂

Watch this demo video where Dan Green (the creator) walks you through the plugin:

Upon testing Dan managed to get 300+ visitors to a completely new site in less than 24 hours – then the number grew to 2,000 people in one week.

300+ visits might not seems a lot, but here are some interesting facts I noticed:

1. It is a targeted traffic
The plugin will ONLY promote your content to tons of Facebook Pages related to keywords that you specified, which means the traffics really targeted.

2. It was only a 5-minutes of work
If you watch the video above, you see that the whole process from setting up the plugin until Dan clicked the “Get Traffic” button, only took less than 5 minutes.

3. It’s from just 1 post only.
If you use the plugin to promote 50+ posts in one day to dozens of Facebook Pages, you can get some serious traffic. Better not overuse the plugin if your website is hosted on a shared hosting.

Some Traffic Proofs Again..

Image - WP SocialTraffic Proof #1

Image - WP SocialTraffic Proof #2

Another CONS Of WP Social Traffic..

The plugin has a scheduler function for your campaigns, and it relies on cron job with cPanel.

So if your website are hosted on a Managed WP Hosting (like TrafficPlanetHosting, Pressable, etc) that doesn’t provide cPanel access, then the plugin probably won’t work.


The Conclusion..

If you still haven’t utilized social media for your traffic (perhaps you find it quite challenging and you feel SEO is more easier), try this plugin and you’ll no longer really need SEO.

Whenever you want some traffic, just create a campaign inside the plugin and click the “Get Traffic” button. Don’t overuse the plugin though.. or else Facebook might triggers a spam on your domain, then it got blacklisted.

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