InstaStore Review: 60-Seconds Amazon & AliExpress Affiliate Stores Builder

As an affiliate marketers, there are so many affiliate store builders you can use these days.

And if you are wondering:

Which one do I have to pick?

Well, pick the one that stands out from the crowd. Like InstaStore.

Image - InstaStore Product ReviewWhat Is InstaStore?

InstaStore is a web-based app, affiliate store builder. It combines the power of Video + eCommerce to insta-create Amazon + AliExpress affiliate sites.

Even with NO products, just โ€˜insta-importโ€™ over 200 million products with ready-to-go content + curate video reviews.

I include the demo site and walkthrough video below.

Check out a quick demo of this solution:

InstaStore Goes Live On Nov 4th at 11am EST
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Here are top 10 things I found that set it apart from all/most amazon store builders out there:

[+] In under 60-seconds, creates an amazon or aliexpress fueled store!
[+] Ability to translate and create store in any language
[+] Instantly curates relevant youtube videos and auto-posts them on product pages
[+] Collects reviews from amazon/aliexpress and curates them
[+] Map these to own domains (GO Branding!)
[+] Incentivizing social sharing right INSIDE the store
[+] Publish stores directly inside Facebook tab (SSL compatible!)
[+] In-built popups to sell more
[+] Build lists with multi-AR integration (and self-hosted too!)
[+] Ready-made compliance pages
[+] Price updates are automatic and happen once a day


InstaStore Launch Details

InstaStore will go live on Nov 4th at 11am EST.

The pricing details are as follow:

Main Offer
1 Site License $27
3 Site License $34
10 Site License $37

OTO 1 – InstaStore PRO $59.95
This gives you additional 100 site license, just pass this OTO unless you really want to build 100 stores

OTO 2 – InstaStore DFY $97/year or $17 monthly
You have the InstaStore. You have the power to create top notch stores. But till you decide which market you want to target, they have 10 DFY stores in top-selling niches to get you started right away.

OTO 3 – InstaStore Resellers $97-$497
Just pass this offer – unless you want to promote the software & get 100% commission.


My Exclusive Bonuses For InstaStore

3 eCom WP Theme
Image - InstaStore Bonus

AliBuilder WP Plugin
Image - InstaStore Bonus

Alibaba Profit System
Image - InstaStore Bonus

Alibaba Profit System (Advanced Edition)
Image - InstaStore Bonus

IM Income Streams
Image - InstaStore Bonus

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WP FotoPress Plugin

Every time you create a post or a page, you need to add at least one or two images. And with WP FotoPress now you can find, edit, create & insert any number of images straight from your WP admin dashboard.

WP FotoPress Bonus + Coupon

WP FotoPressThis plugin will really help you to get relevant images for your websites, and if there’s a bit of an artist inside you, you’ll enjoy every part of its image editing features ๐Ÿ™‚

This plugin was actually launched back on January & even got picked as JVZoo Product Of The Day.

And if you haven’t had a chance to pick it up, be sure to grab it from my link below for extra bonus + use coupon codeFOTO5” to cut the price by $5 ๐Ÿ˜‰


(NOTE: Coupon valid for Unlimited Site License only)

WP FotoPress plugin adds a complete image editing suite right inside your wordpress site that will allow you to:

[+] Find Royalty Free Images from 5 stock photos websites straight from your WP admin dashboard
[+] Search across 3 millions images
[+] 1-Click insert images into any Post or Page
[+] Automatically SEO Optimize & compress every images that you add
[+] Save All Images to the WP gallery
[+] Edit images directly inside the wp admin area with full Photoshop-like editor.

I think many people will find the plugin useful, and it is obviously will save lots of your time.

[FULL DEMO] Watch This 1-Click PhotoShop for WordPress Plugin In Action...

WP FotoPress will go live Mon, Oct 31st at 10am EDT.

However the salespage is already live right now, so if you want to get in early go ahead and remember to use coupon code FOTO5 to get $5 discount.

Grab WP FotoPress & You'll Get This Special Bonus Package:

I've put together this amazing BONUS package for you if you like WP FotoPress and decide to buy it from my links here..

Image - BonusMYSTERY PREMIUM WP THEME ($39 value)

Mystery is the perfect theme choice for publishing news and sharing your views. It's packed with multiple content layouts, mobile responsive design, feature-rich theme options, SEO optimized and many more!

Image - BonusSHARE THE IMAGE WP PLUGIN ($17 value)

This plugin will automatically adds a Social Sharing button inside any images on your content.. thus INCREASING your traffic & social signal.

Image - BonusEMERALD PREMIUM WP THEME ($59 value)

Emerald is a bright and refreshing magazine WordPress theme that features a fully responsive design, cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 markup, a full complement of widgets and an integrated options panel.

Built for bloggers who want to grow their blog to its full potential, Emerald includes SEO, social media and ad optimization.


How To Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL From cPanel (WordPress + non WP Sites)

If you want to get SSL certificate and make your website HTTPS for free, well good news! As of May 2016, it is no longer necessary to buy SSL certificates for the added layer of security to your websites.

Simply because Google, WordPress and many other major tech companies have joined together to sponsor completely free SSLs in a project called Let’s Encrypt:

And it gets even better..

Because most web hostings also provide 1-click installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates ? Some of those web hostings are : Hawkhost, StableHost and SiteGround – and many more of course!

Lets Encrypt SSL Installation

To install the SSL, simply login to your cPanel and find the “Lets Encrypt for cPanel” menu:

Image - Lets Encrypt cPanel Step 1

After that click the +Issue button on the domain that you wish to get the SSL:

Image - Lets Encrypt SSL cPanel Step 2

And done!

Free SSL For WordPress Site Owners

If your website is WordPress based, then there are some additional steps required to make your WP website starts using the SSL encryption ?

First, go to your WP Admin Dashboard -> General Settings.

Change the “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” from “http:” to “https:”, after that click Save Changes.

Image - Lets Encrypt For WordPress

After you click Save Changes, you will be logged out and redirected to the WP login page automatically – with the HTTPS version!

Finally, go to Plugins -> Add New, search for “Really Simple SSL” then install and activate the plugin (

The plugin will create 301 redirects from your non-SSL URLs to the SSL versions + the www SSL version.

And that’s it! Your WordPress site is now secured with SSL encryption ๐Ÿ˜€

NOTE: While an SSL certificate will NOT stop bot attacks against WordPress login pages or malware embedded within rogue WP plugins, it DOES secure the interception of data between your (visitors’) computer and other websites e.g. online banking or shopping online with a credit card – if you are running an ecommerce store online, SSL is pretty much ESSENTIAL.

VidReaper Software: Discover Profitable Video Topics In Seconds!

VidReaper Logo

Video Reaper automatically digs out, researches and qualifies valuable new Niches & Keywords 24 hours a day, cutting the guess work out of your video marketing research.

If you want to create, monetize and RANK your video ahead of the competition, the software gives you all the info you need so you will not waste time creating a video that isn’t going to get you real results…

Watch this video to see VidReaper in action:

VidReaper will go live Monday, Oct 10th at 10am EST
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Some benefits you will get from VidReaper

[+] You get to know the hot & trending video topics with big profit potential in seconds
[+] Cut the time needed for boring video research down from hours to mere seconds
[+] If you want to make money from Adsense for Youtube, you can use VidReaper to reveal which topics and keywords that you should target

You get fresh data because new topics and keywords are added daily. You can also filter results by social likes and shares, video duration, category, comments, backlinks and more.


  • Very easy to use & fast loading
  • Fresh data - new topics and keywords are added daily
  • PRO version gives you super intensive video data: ROI estimation, keywords and ranking position, how much traffics + clicks it gets, backlinks and many more


  • PRO version is on the OTO (I'm not a fan of something like this)
  • It gets you report and data only, no ability to search for certain keywords*

* can also be an advantage, because it eliminates the unprofitable keywords and show you the profitable ones only

Pricing Info

Main Offer: $27 - $47
Price starts at $27 and will increase gradually to $47. Be sure to get in early to secure the lowest price ever.

OTO 1: VidReaper PRO ($97)
The PRO version allows you to RESERVED video for your own account, removing it from VidReaper database so it's no longer available to regular members and no one else can target it.

The PRO version also includes a far more details "Ranking Blueprint", as shown on the video above. Highly recommended if you want to dominate certain topics & keywords.

OTO 2: NicheReaper v3.0 ($147 Lifetime)
I recommended this one few months ago, so most of you probably already have this software ๐Ÿ™‚ More details here:

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And Check Out These Exclusive Bonus Youโ€™ll Get For Free

I think this is a really useful software, you will never guess again if a video you create (or outsource) has huge profit potential.. Simply log in to your VidReaper account, do a quick search and you will know the topics, titles and even keywords that you have to target! ๐Ÿ™‚ So I have these bonuses that you will get for free when you grab VidReaper from my link.

Exclusive Bonus #1: TubeCurator FX

cover-tubecuratorfx1With this plugin you can easily create post from Youtube and Vimeo video! Easily search for any channels and playlists, bulk import videos as new posts, and also auto-import new videos on autopilot.

[+] Create posts from Youtube or Vimeo videos in seconds
[+] Compatible with almost any themes
[+] Supports YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch
[+] Import individual videos by keyword or URL
[+] Automatically set video thumbnails as Featured Image
[+] And much more

Exclusive Bonus #2: 1-Click Tube SpeedUp

cover-1clicktubespeedup1 of few problems that will bother you when running a video site, is the page load speed problem.

You see.. When your site embeds some videos, it may takes 1 - 1.5 additional seconds for the browser to load your page & the embedded videos. Small issue, but still, can annoy your visitors.

However that issue will only BE A HISTORY when your site is using this bonus plugin.

My 1-Click TubeSpeedUp plugin will AUTOMATICALLY replace the standard embed code into a video thumbnail of the video, along with a play button. So there won't be any video render + speed load issue on your video site!

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To claim all the bonus above, be sure my link is the last one you click before making a purchase ๐Ÿ™‚


WP Social Traffic: Powerful Traffic Plugin, Not To Be Overused

Ankur Shukla & Dan Green are launching WP Social Traffic plugin on Wed, Oct 5th at 10am EDT.

>> Click Here On Wed, Oct 5th at 10am EDT To Get WP Social Traffic <<

Lately I’ve been trying to reach more people on Facebook using paid advertising. And it really costly (sigh!), just last month I have to pay $700+ on Facebook Ads..

.. Sooo when Ankur and Dan Green unveiled this WP Social Traffic plugin to me this past weekend, I was really excited! I’m hoping it can cut my advertising cost ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Quick Take..

Image - WP SocialTraffic ScoreWP Social Traffic proves that getting lots of visitors is not as hard as most people think. With the plugin, it will be lots of easier for you to have multiple high-traffic websites. The salespage emphasis words like “autopilot”, “set & forget”, and etc very much. For each campaign you need to think of a good headline, description & image for the Facebook post.. and well, it takes time.


  • Real traffic from Facebook
  • Plugin works on autopilot after the initial set up
  • Custom Spintax for your posts and comments to make it looks more natural


  • Need to promote post on lots of FB page for decent result
  • PRO Version is on the OTO

Main Offer: WP Social Traffic (Unlimited License – $27)
OTO #1: Pro Version ($$37)
OTO #2: Instant Traffic Funnel ($47)

What Can You Get With WP Social Traffic?

Well, as the name says: it gets you social traffic. Free Facebook traffic to be exact.

The plugin connects with niche communities and fanpages on facebook, then shares your content with them automatically & engages with them to drive them back to your site ๐Ÿ™‚

Watch this demo video where Dan Green (the creator) walks you through the plugin:

Upon testing Dan managed to get 300+ visitors to a completely new site in less than 24 hours – then the number grew to 2,000 people in one week.

300+ visits might not seems a lot, but here are some interesting facts I noticed:

1. It is a targeted traffic
The plugin will ONLY promote your content to tons of Facebook Pages related to keywords that you specified, which means the traffics really targeted.

2. It was only a 5-minutes of work
If you watch the video above, you see that the whole process from setting up the plugin until Dan clicked the “Get Traffic” button, only took less than 5 minutes.

3. It’s from just 1 post only.
If you use the plugin to promote 50+ posts in one day to dozens of Facebook Pages, you can get some serious traffic. Better not overuse the plugin if your website is hosted on a shared hosting.

Some Traffic Proofs Again..

Image - WP SocialTraffic Proof #1

Image - WP SocialTraffic Proof #2

Another CONS Of WP Social Traffic..

The plugin has a scheduler function for your campaigns, and it relies on cron job with cPanel.

So if your website are hosted on a Managed WP Hosting (like TrafficPlanetHosting, Pressable, etc) that doesn’t provide cPanel access, then the plugin probably won’t work.


The Conclusion..

If you still haven’t utilized social media for your traffic (perhaps you find it quite challenging and you feel SEO is more easier), try this plugin and you’ll no longer really need SEO.

Whenever you want some traffic, just create a campaign inside the plugin and click the “Get Traffic” button. Don’t overuse the plugin though.. or else Facebook might triggers a spam on your domain, then it got blacklisted.

>> Click Here On Wed, Oct 5th at 10am EDT To Get WP Social Traffic <<
And Check Out These Exclusive Bonus You’ll Get For Free

When the product goes live, be sure to look out for my email. Get WP SocialTraffic plugin from my email or any link on this post so youโ€™ll receive all my bonuses listed below:

Exclusive Bonus #1: The WP theme I use for ExclusiveBonusBlog!

Image - Bonus

Exclusive Bonus #2:

After getting free social traffic with WP SocialTraffic, now your next task is to make sure they enjoy the stay on your website, then get them to share your website. And this bonus plugin can help!
Image - Bonus

Exclusive Bonus #3

After getting free social traffic with WP SocialTraffic, now your next task is to convert those traffics into real results (more commission, more sales, leads, etc). And this bonus plugin can help!
Image - Bonus

And These 3 Semi-Exclusive Bonuses

Reseller License to WP Commission Machine
Image - Bonus

Reseller License to MemberPal Software
Image - Bonus

WhiteLabel License to WP TrendPressr Plugin
Image - Bonus

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ExtendAzon 2.0: Plugin Gets You On-Site Cart, 90 Days Cookie.. And More!

The version 2.0 of ExtendAzon plugin goes live on Thursday, Sept 29th at 9am EDT.

What’s new on this v2.0? Is it really good? Let’s find out!

Watch Ryan Stevenson (the ExtendAzon creator) talks about the plugin:

>> ExtendAzon 2.0 Goes Live On Thursday, Sept 29th at 9am EDT <<
What Benefits You Get From ExtendAzon 2.0?
  • It extends your affiliate cookie lifespan from 24hours to 90 days to capture lost sales
  • Transform your affiliate website into a professional looking e-commerce store with Automatic On-Site Shopping Cart
  • It gets you more sales volume & commission with the Automated Cart Upsell

As you know the Standard Amazon affiliate links provide 24 hours cookie for the affiliate to land a sale & get credited for the sale.

That means whenever you refer someone to Amazon with your affiliate link, you’ll get commission from purchases he make within 24 hours (if he doesn’t click any other affiliate link)

However, the ExtendAzon system is able to extend cookie lifespan from 24 hours to 90 days!

How Does ExtendAzon Able To Do It?

Image - ExtendAzon BoxAfter you install the plugin, it will convert your Amazon affiliate links into an automatic, on-site shopping cart.

Then when someone click any of your Amazon link on your website, instead of them be redirected to the Amazon page, the plugin will display a shopping cart. So you can KEEP that visitors on your site to try to entice them to buy more than one product before they proceed to check out on Amazon.

There are several shopping cart templates you will get from ExtendAzon.

Here’s what they look like:

Image - ExtendAzon Cart Designs

ExtendAzon Demo Site

Visit the demo site below, and try to click any Amazon links on that site:

Automated Cart Upsells On ExtendAzon 2.0

This is 1 of the coolest feature I’ve seen from an Amazon plugin.

Image - ExtendAzon Upsells

So whenever a visitor adss a product to the shopping cart, ExtendAzon will automatically show them several products that were commonly purchased with it.

With a single click, the visitor can view details about these additional recommended products and add them to their cart!

The end result is higher sales volume and more commissions for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Quality: The first version was already good, and now the v2.0 makes it a lot better.

Usability: The plugin has quite lots of setting on the options page. Luckily Ryan put a short description on each of the setting options. It makes you able to use the plugin straight away, without even have to take a look at the video guide or documentation that he provides.

Funnel: The launch scores a high point on the funnel, no sales trick of “Pro upgrade” or something like that whatsoever.

Main Offer: Personal License ($9) and Developer License ($27)
OTO 1: Azon Overhaul Training ($27)
OTO 2: Backlink Service For Your ExtendAzon Websites ($27 – $97)

* price might changes after earlybird ends

Vendor Trustworthy: This makes for a really high score too, Ryan Stevenson is a successful Amazon affiliate by himself & a talended WP coder.

So in terms of product quality and benefits you will get as a customer, it’s definitely a winner.

>> ExtendAzon 2.0 Goes Live On Thursday, Sept 29th at 9am EDT <<

When the product goes live, be sure to look out for my email. Get ExtendAzon plugin from my email or any link on this page so you’ll receive all my bonuses listed below:

Exclusive Bonus #1

Image - ExtendAzon Bonus

Exclusive Bonus #2

Image - ExtendAzon Bonus

Exclusive Bonus #3

Image - ExtendAzon Bonus

Exclusive Bonus #4

Image - ExtendAzon Bonus

Exclusive Bonus #5

Image - ExtendAzon Bonus

Hope this helps and enjoy!

Make $4.97 Again & Again: The 5 Methods

$4.97 Over & Over & Over again is a course that gives struggling IM’ers several different methods of making $5 a day, that has nothing to do with fiverr. It’s a 5 part video course that will show you 5 methods to get $4-$5 payment over and over again.

Actually we shouldn’t call it’s a course/training, maybe a video tips?

The reason why is because it’s not a thorough module. But that’s fine because most people don’t have time to go for a very detailed training. We need soemthing straighforward nowadays and this course is one of them :o)


Quality: The course is pretty good and straightforward
Usability: Some methods shows require manual work that might not for everybody (writing, reselling, etc)
Funnel: More methods & tools are offered on the OTO. The launch has a great & fair funnel, very rarely to see nowadays
Vendor Trustworthy: High score on this one, Stephen is 1 of just a few big marketers with a good track records that I see so far.

Click Here To Get This 5-Part Video Course
If Not About Fiverr.. What Are They, Is It Better Than Fiverr?

Obviously I can’t spoil what are the 5 methods are.. but all of them are very doable. Also I can’t say if they are better than doing a Fiverr.

Yes in Fiverr you can get multiple order in 1 day, but bear in mind also that when you get started then you would have no feedback on Fiverr. Thus the chance of getting an order also very small.

Maybe you want to get this course, for just in case.

Maybe one you have to start all over again from scratch.. With no websites, no domains. etc., the 5 methods explained on this course can get you back on track soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Click Here To Get This 5-Part Video Course

PreSold Pro Plugin: Never Struggling To Generate Affiliate Commissions Again

I think this is 1 of the best overlooked plugin for affiliate marketer, it’s an amazing plugin that is either smart or sneaky. Watch the review below:

Click here To Download PreSold PRO Plugin

Using PRE-SOLD PRO you can now completely take over any page and leverage it to bank fast commissions for yourself without lifting a finger. The plugin allows you to:

[+] Instantly โ€œhijackโ€ ANY page on the web
[+] Add sticky bars to it where you can put your own affiliate links
[+] Replace all the links (on that page you hijack) with your affiliate link
[+] Redirect visitors automatically to YOUR AFFILIATE LINK after several seconds.. if he (for some odd reason) didnโ€™t take any action

Check out these 2 demo:

The link above is hijacking an actual page reviewing a coffee maker, however all the links on that CNET page is changed! They are now all pointing to my Amazon affiliate link ๐Ÿ™‚

This time Iโ€™m hijacking an article on Buzzfeed about weight loss. All the link on the articles is pointing to my Clickbank affiliate link promoting a weight loss product.. and if you don't take any action after 7 seconds you will be redirected to my Clickbank link automatically.

This is probably the most sneakiest plugin for affiliate marketer!

Click here To Download PreSold PRO Plugin

And it's easy to use also. Only took me less than 5 minutes to set up the 2 demo links.

Check out the plugin, and I have these 2 bonuses for you when you grab PreSold Pro today:

Image - Bonus

Warrior Forum Master

Inside this 5 part video series you'll learn:

[+] How to build your business using the Warrior Forum
[+] What are "Warrior Special Offers" (WSO's) and how you can use them to catapult your business!
[+] Additional resources & methods for using the Warrior Forum to grow your business, boost your income and make even more money
[+] And much more!

($17 value)

Image - Bonus

WarriorPlus Video Series

Inside this 5 part video course, you will learn:

[+] Introduction to WarriorPlus
[+] How to use WarriorPlus to sell both free and paid products, list WSO's or even self hosted offers
[+] The WarriorPlus listing process broken down so you can see first hand how to list and sell your offers!
[+] Easy step-by-step video walkthrough for setting up your front end offer, affiliate program and sales funnel on WarriorPlus so you can sell & deliver your products.
[+] And many more!

($17 value)

Image - Affilink Neo

AffiLink NEO Plugin

The ultimate redirect link plugin. Use this plugin to mask your affiliate link, complete with 301/302/307 redirection and hits statistic.

AffiLinkNEO is 1 of my favorite plugins ๐Ÿ˜‰

($37 value)


Quality: The plugin is indeed coded very well
Usability: It's really easy to use and David includes detailed training for you
Funnel: Bad score on the funnel because the frontend only gives you 1-site license, if you want to use on unlimited sites then you need to buy the OTO
Vendor Trustworthy: David Dekel currently has no bad reviews for his past products/launches

Click here To Download PreSold PRO Plugin